Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council uses the Food Hygiene Information Scheme and is currently responsible for inspecting 5,558 establishments.

Below is a list of Food Hygiene Ratings for Glasgow City Council.

200 St Vincent Street

Storey 6, 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5SG

Hygiene Rating for 200 St Vincent Street

221 Transport Squadron

TA Centre, 84 Clydesmill Drive, Glasgow, G32 8RG

Hygiene Rating for 221 Transport Squadron


404 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8AS

Hygiene Rating for 24/7

26 Hope Street

26 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 6AA

Hygiene Rating for 26 Hope Street

279 Cafe Bistro

279 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6AB

Hygiene Rating for 279 Cafe Bistro

3 Bridges Care Home

108 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow, G44 4UN

Hygiene Rating for 3 Bridges Care Home

32nd ( Scottish )Signal Regiment

21 Jardine Street, Glasgow, G20 6JU

Hygiene Rating for 32nd  ( Scottish )Signal Regiment

333 Chinese Takeaway

1550 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G13 1HJ

Hygiene Rating for 333 Chinese Takeaway


393 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 3AD

Hygiene Rating for Dino's

3D Drumchapel

56 Hecla Square, Glasgow, G15 8NH

Hygiene Rating for 3D Drumchapel

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