Islington Council

Islington Council uses the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and is currently responsible for inspecting 2,386 establishments.

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The average score of establishments in this authority is 3.01 out of 5.

Below is a list of Food Hygiene Ratings for Islington Council.

(David Jackson), Pitch 44

(David Jackson) Pitch 44, Street Record, Chapel Market, Islington

Hygiene Rating for (David Jackson), Pitch 44

(David John Twydell), Pitch 76

(David John Twydell) Pitch 76, Street Record, Chapel Market, Islington

Hygiene Rating for (David John Twydell), Pitch 76

(James Roche),Pitch 25(Simply Juice)

(James Roche)Pitch 25(Simply Juice), Street Record, Exmouth Market, Islington

Hygiene Rating for (James Roche),Pitch 25(Simply Juice)

(John Papworth),Pitch 16/18

(John Papworth)Pitch 16/18, Street Record, Chapel Market, Islington

Hygiene Rating for (John Papworth),Pitch 16/18

01-Yeni Adana Restaurant

01-Yeni Adana Restaurant, 25-27 Green Lanes, Islington, London, N16 9BS

Hygiene Rating for 01-Yeni Adana Restaurant


1251, 107 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1QN

Hygiene Rating for 1251


129HRD, 129 Holloway Road, Islington, London, N7 8LT

Hygiene Rating for 129HRD

23 Paul Street

23 Paul Street, 23-25 Paul Street, Islington, London, EC2A 4JU

Hygiene Rating for 23 Paul Street

2K SteakHouse

2K SteakHouse, 326 Essex Road, Islington, London

Hygiene Rating for 2K SteakHouse


2Northdown, Ground First And Second Floors, 2 Northdown Street, Islington, N1 9BG

Hygiene Rating for 2Northdown

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