Al- Habiib Food Centre

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Al- Habiib Food Centre has been awarded a rating of Generally Satisfactory by Camden Council. This rating was awarded on 09/03/2020 (364 days ago).

This establishment is located at 100 Queen's Crescent, NW5 4DY.

The rating for this establishment was made up from the scores below:

Food Hygiene Ratings - Generally Satisfactory



Generally Satisfactory

Structural Compliance

Generally Satisfactory

Confidence in Management

Generally Satisfactory

Inspection History

The Food Standards Agency have provided us with the following inspection data for this company. The first row will contain the most recent inspection.

Inspection Date Rating
09/03/2020 Generally Satisfactory
27/03/2018 Generally Satisfactory

Last update from FSA on 07/03/2021.

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