Take This Rating with a Pinch of Salt (Please Pardon the Pun)!

According to the data from the FSA, this establishment was last inspected 1166 days ago!

This Establishment Hasn't Been Inspected For a While! The establishments hygiene may have changed for the better or worse since its last inspection. If you have concerns, you can contact the local authority.

Adiva Restaurant has been awarded a rating of Urgent Improvement Necessary by Tower Hamlets Council. This rating was awarded on 11/07/2018 (1166 days ago).

This establishment is located at 84 Myrdle Street, London, E1 1HL.

The rating for this establishment was made up from the scores below:

Food Hygiene Ratings - Urgent Improvement Necessary



Improvement Necessary

Structural Compliance

Urgent Improvement Necessary

Confidence in Management

Improvement Necessary

Last update from FSA on 28/02/2019.

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